Build Your Own Oasis With Backyard Garden Ponds

Beautiful Classical Garden Fish Pond Gardening Background

Have you ever thought that you could make your backyard look so much better with a small backyard garden pond? You can generate peace and tranquility in your backyard easily. A well developed backyard garden pond will give your home a boos in your livability and beauty.You can build your own oasis with backyard garden ponds. Building a beautiful small … Continue Reading

Spring Maintenance on Your Koi Pond

Exotic Fish, Japan Koi

Making sure your pond is ready for Spring should not take you more than a weekend to complete. You can get it done quickly and insure your backyard pond is ready for success for the remainder of the year. You will notice that your koi pond will literally spring to life at the first sign of spring. All the living … Continue Reading

Keep Your Koi Safe in The Winter


Your pond is lovely throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall months of the year – but if you live in an area where the temperatures dip below freezing during the Winter, then you need to put some time into preparing your koi pond for the winter months. Just how much winterizing you’ll need to do is dependent on your climate, … Continue Reading

Preventing Koi Overpopulation


Preventing Koi overpopulation is one of the hardest problems to deal with when it comes Koi ponds. Once you have too many fish in your pond, severe problems can occur, and potentially cause death among your fish. There are a few ways to help prevent overpopulation. While you are never guaranteed that it will never happen to you, following a … Continue Reading

The Four Seasons and Your Koi Pond

Decorative koi pond in a garden

Maintaining your koi pond during the four seasons is extremely important for your koi to survive well and live in a healthy environment.  This article will tell you a little about the four seasons and your koi pond. Spring Your Koi pond will literally come to life at the first of springtime. The life in your pond have spent the … Continue Reading

Changing the Pond Water

Indoor Tropical Garden

Changing the pond water inside a fish pond is the most important factor that an owner has to keep a healthy pond. Inhabitants and plants living inside the water depend on its cleanliness to survive. If you are a very busy person, and the only available day that you have is once every week, you have to improvise something that’ll … Continue Reading

Koi Population Control

koi with plants

Population control of your koi fish is typically easy as with the majority of domesticated pets. It is usually as simple as removing the possibility of conception until the time in which the opportunity has passed. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Koi. Koi, no matter whether you want them to or not, will spawn and lay eggs, and … Continue Reading